How we operate

We offer the regular services that are needed for a successful placement: matching the right candidate to the job and do everything that is needed to do that well. Being successful in a job in a new country requires more attention. That is where we bring extra benefit.
We have a network that can assist you in finding housing, schooling, services etc. In short: everything that you need to find your way around in a strange place.
We offer training that prepares you for living in another culture.
For families we can assist in the areas of education and, if necessary, childcare. We offer cultural training for the whole family and assistance in the first few weeks.
We believe it is important to speak the local language, to have at least some basic language skills. In our network we know where to find reliable schools and trainers.
For the first six months we offer mentoring (or longer if needed). To help settle in and encourage you to build meaningful relationships. To help you settle in and start thriving in a strange new world.

Cornelis A. de Leede

Corporate Recruiter

I have lived in the Middle East for a decade and I am cross-culturally trained. As a candidate you gain from this experience in our services and training.

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