How we operate

Are you looking for a  job in Saudi Arabia or the Emirates? We can help you find the job that suits your gifts and talents.
This is how we work:

1 - You found the job that suits you

Please send us your application through the link in the description.

2 - We want to get to know you

We’ll reach out via an online interview to get to know you and to discuss your application.

3 - There is a placement

We are going to introduce you to the company and plan an interview. We prepare that together so that you can give it your best!

4 - The company is convinced about you. They offer you a job

You are in! Well done. We need to organize formalities, but you (and your family) can start preparing for your transition.

5 - The final steps and relocation

Our training program helps you to prepare yourself for living in a new culture in a strange country. We also have a local network that can help you find a place to live and settle in.

Eelkje van der Veer


Eelkje is an experienced recruiter who has worked in an international setting for more than ten years. She is passionate about connecting people to the right job opportunities.

[email protected]


Cornelis A. de Leede

CEO / business relations

Cornelis A. de Leede is an entrepreneur who lived in The Gulf for eleven years. He is passionate about connecting to people and finding interesting job opportunities

[email protected]