Bringing Divitia (= well being) into your company with excellent professionals!

Looking to accelerate your career in Middle East? We’ll match you with the perfect job!
Our services are also for migrants in The Netherlands to find the best suitable job plus training to prepare you for Dutch employers.

Banen voor migranten

Ben je recent naar Nederland gekomen en je zoekt een baan als uitzendkracht, dan kan Divitia Recruiting je helpen met het vinden van een mooie baan die bij jouw talenten en ervaringen passen. We geven training om je voor te bereiden op een Nederlandse baan en we coachen jou en je werkgever gedurende de eerste weken als uitzendkracht. Divitia Recruiting is een sociale onderneming waar sociaal rendement voorop staat.

Banen voor migranten

Jobs in the Middle East

Are you looking for the perfect job in the Middle East that aligns with your skills and aspirations? Look no further! Divitia Recruiting will open the door to a world of career opportunities. We specialize in connecting talented individuals with top-tier companies across various industries in the Middle East. Our dedicated team provides personalized guidance to pair you with roles that suit your expertise and ambitions.

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How we operate

We offer the regular services that are needed for a successful placement: matching the right candidate to the job and do everything that is needed to do that well. Being successful in a job in a new country requires more attention. That is where we bring extra benefit and added values for employers and employees.


We promise conduct that is honest and truthful


We approach our work with respect and do what we say


We aim to create beneficial outcomes

Cornelis A. de Leede

CEO and founder

Eelkje van der Veer

International Recruiter

Our international network of recruiters and relation managers brings many years of experience to facilitate employers with the best candidates, so that you can bring ‘Divitia’ (well-being)!