Our story

Divitia is a recruiting firm that connects employers in the Gulf with professional and highly motivated candidates who aim to bring Divitia to companies and all its stakeholders (from owners to society).
Divitia is a Latin word meaning prosperity, well-being or wealth. By wealth, one quickly thinks of financial resources, but divitia is mostly used in the context of well-being and prosperity in a holistic sense. This means for example being rich in relationships, care and the environment. If you are rich in these kinds of well-being, then you may enjoy the fullness of life.
This is the aim of Divitia Recruiting: to grant that well-being to people who do not yet have it. At Divitia Recruiting we believe that companies should be a force for the common good, that do business for a better world. For those companies we want to recruit skilled and intrinsically motivated professionals who help companies to become a force that brings Divitia.

Our Values

To be able to bring ‘Divitia’ does not only require excellent candidates, but it can only be done based on true and good values:

  • Trust – Mutual trust enables us to be honest and truthful to you and to ourselves. A community can only function within good relationships on a personal, commercial, and professional level. Trust is at the basis of that and results in mutual respect for employers and talent.
  • Integrity – Having integrity means that you live in accordance to your deepest values For Divitia this means being honest and respectful, and doing what we say we will do.  Divitia Recruiting is centered around a culture of integrity so that right decisions are made, even in difficult circumstances.       
  • Transformation – We aim for a highly beneficial outcome for you. Divitia Recruiting wants to focus on transformation through our recruitment services for all parties involved: the company, the candidate and the surroundings that you all operate in. 

Why Divitia Recruiting

Divitia Recruiting is founded on bringing Divitia to companies who aim to do business for a better world. Divitia Recruiting believes that highly skilled and motivated candidates are crucial for business owners to achieve this divitia. That’s why Cornelis A. de Leede founded Divitia Recruiting in 2023.

Meet our Team

Cornelis A. de Leede lived and worked more than ten years in the Middle East as finance director of a hospital and as founder of a commercial management training institute. Back in the Netherlands he was director of an international recruiting not-for-profit organisation mainly focusing on supporting humanitarian relief NGOs. With Divitia Recruiting he brings his cross-cultural experience, entrepreneurial acumen, and recruiting background.

Eelkje van der Veer worked at an employment agency, recruiting people of all backgrounds for companies and local governments in The Netherlands. The last ten years she was working for an international recruiting organization and was responsible for the recruitment and placement operations.

How we operate

For our candidates, we strive to find the best match for your skills and experience. During the process we want to get to know you. We want to partner with you so that you thrive in another country. Most of our selection process will be conducted online. Filling out an assessment tool and discussing the outcome in a personal (online) meeting is usually part of our process. 

For our clients, we strive for excellence, transparency, and trustworthiness. We partner with you by matching top talent for your hiring needs. Through our network, we will work with you to find candidates who bring Divitia (well-being) to your company.