How we operate

Good employees are the most important factor for the success of your company. Skilled, motivated and qualified means company growth and prosperity. We are convinced that the right candidate will bring you prosperity.
That is why we call our recruiting company Divitia Recruiting. Divitia means wealth and well-being, or to enjoy the fullness of life. Our candidates are selected to bring Divitia to your company. Your business then will be a force of good for people, society and this planet.

For a perfect match between your company and the best candidate, the following steps are needed

1 - Vacancy Description

We will prepare a job description with a summary and the detailed description of the job. It will also contain the essential qualifications required and what you offer the candidate. This will then be reviewed and approved by you.

2 - Agreement

We will offer you our terms and fees. After your agreement and signature we will start the next steps.

3 - Candidate search by Divitia Recruiting

Divitia Recruiting has a specific and unique strategy to find the right candidate. We are proud to have a worldwide network of suppliers in finding best candidate to match the vision and values of your company. 

4 - Evaluate Candidates

Our selection process has the following elements: reviewing candidate’s resume, conducting an interview with the candidate and checking the references.

5 - Employer Selection Process

You  have the final say in the process. We value integrity and relationship by ensuring your satisfaction. We will help arrange a video meeting with top candidate(s) and you. Divitia acts as the moderator to ensure smooth communication.

7 - Negotiations and Offers

Once a decision has been made, Divitia will support you and the selected candidate by ensuring all parties involved are satisfied with the terms and conditions. 

8 - Placement services

Once a match has been made, we want to help you and your new employee flourish. We offer additional training and coaching to ensure smooth transition. 

At your request Divitia Recruiting offers services such as: customized packages for each person and/or family, visa assistance, transportation, housing assistance, cultural training and language assistance. 

Cornelis A. de Leede

Corporate Recruiter

Working for more than 20 years in the Middle East and with recruiting services, I am able to provide companies with the best service in finding the best candidates for your business!

 [email protected]